Algo trading resource

January 19, 2010

Free intraday data to play with: 
Customized search engine:
Quant shop database:
Wilmott file sharing:
R tool package for empirical finance: 
Open source Quant development platform:
Open source Algo trading:
Open source datamining, refer to neuralmarkettrend for tutorial:
Rapidminer, basic prediction model, tutorial:
Institutional algo trading podcast, max had a good recap :
Algo trading using MATLAB, good resource:
MATLAB general webcast:
Blog & Forum
Max a young Cal comp sci major, share with me many common interests and a lot of useful resources:
Empirical eco study, useful resources for trading strategy:
Epan chan, wordy but seems reputable blog:
A retired pre-2008 quant trading blog, no particular focus :
Wilmott trading forum:
Elitetrade algo forum, good place for not-so-theoretical questions:
Algo trading, trading tech, high frenquency trading etc.:
Industry news, trade shows, an interesting blog roll as well, maybe worth digging?
Automated market making on INTRADE on presidential election:

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