The prestige, Christopher Nolan

January 28, 2010

Watched ‘The Prestige’ for a second time tonight. The movie had Christopher Nolan’s hallmark of cutting edge filming techniques, nonlinear narrative structure and psychological themes. Interestly, the two rival magician, robert angier played by hugh jackman and alfred borden played by christian bale, and the female leads, rebacca hall and scarlet johnanson were also cast chosen in woody alan’s scoop and vicky cristina bacelona.  the plot exploit symetry on multiple levels embodying the rivalry between angier and borden: both incessantly seeking to deciper the secret through each others diary, the sacrifice, the love affairs of aniger and borden and the tragic love of borden and his decoy. The open scene of hats and bird trick mimics the overally theme of duplication of self and sacrifices both magicians made to entertain. so much to expect for Inception written and directed by Nolan and casting dicarprio this summer.


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