digging gold in footnote – 1

February 2, 2010

CIFT [adviser]

Steven Skiena: Stony Brook CS faculty. interesting book on betting, and internet datamining.

Toby Segaran: author of programming collective intelligence, data mining, visualization.

Richard Rosenblatt: CEO of Rosenblatt Security. Equity market structure expert, runs NYSE floor.

William Janeway: Warburg Pincus TMT advisor, experience includes  FORTENT(finance crime, surveillance merge with Actimize), O’Reiley media, Roubini Global Economics, Nuance( voice recog), NYFIX/Wallstreet System(order management, transaction service acquired by NYSE EURONEXT).

Roger Ehrenberg:  ex boss of of DB hedge fund, bloggist of Information Arbitrage. now running TMT focused IA capital. founded Kinetic Trading Strategy( comp fin, textual analytics, alt data, ’08) Portfolio here.

David Whitcomb: true entrepreneur, ATD founder, research on microstructure and trading cost in 80s. top 100 economist(?). ATD focused on limit order execution. Whitcomb SEC testimony.

Evan Schuleman: father of quant trading, batterymarch autotrading system in ’70s, lattice trading (order matching, routing, VWAP execution, sold to state street in ’97).

Richard Lindsey: author of how I become a quant. former SEC director of mkt and chief economist, former president of bear security, former SOM professor. market microstructurerist.

Henry Lichstein:  citibank IT chief. doing VC now.

William Hart: data communication background, Black’s team member for 4 years in developing algo trading strategy and infrastructure. Lehman, Soloman Strategic Equity B dev for trading infrastructure. EVP Nasdaq, BOA equity strategy. board of ECN, ATS.

Bill Aronin: founder of  quantitative analytics acquired by Reuters.

Peter Dickson: Algo solution for Dowjones.


CIFT [stuff]

Mahesh Krishnan – microstructurist

Max Dama – the bloggist

Jike Chong – infrastructure


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