links 2-27-10

February 27, 2010

Mark Spitznagel (Universa)

Klipp’s saying was “You have to love to lose money, to take small losses, and hate to make money to be successful. There’s no other way.”

The hard and stiff will be broken, the soft and supple will prevail.

In July 2009, Spitznagel opened a fund betting on hyperinflation

Alpha Clone

Clone of low turn over value focused fund actually make sense(?)

Kaching: another Clone.

SharePost: private company research and exchange.

Second Market: illiquid asset market place(?)

Portfolio Solution, diversified(?) index fund ETF portfolio charging 0.25% management fee.

IASG: many listed CTA, the strategy description could be interesting.

Global Debt problem:  Forbes article,  Hayman advisor letters,  Bloomberg story about mortgage

An intersting presentation tools: prezi, Vimeo’s top 25 video of 2009. blublu wall painting

Investment outlook for 2010: 立此存照

Buffet letters, bridgewater, firstQ(currency)

Swensen, IhcanSchwarzmanRedleaf lecture.

Mebane Faber’s idea for 2009, all seems reasonably good idea with hindersight.

ETF related resources: T Herzfeld, Close End Fund Center (CEF), Claymore


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