quant prop shop.

February 28, 2010

RGM(Austin based)

Tower Research(Lime)

QuantLab v.s. Shi Jingpu (developer), Xu Yongzhong(worked in prediction). co-founder.

Two Sigma: D.E.Shaw math + Tudor IT

EWT: ex-nymex CEO

Jump Trading / Spot Trading(Robert Merrilee trading equity options)

Getco (Chi market making), Forbes on Getco, WSJ, Bloomberg story, the prophet is being fulfilled, and market kept on evolving. with different player join the arena, the natural question is: What’s NEXT?

Sun Trading(SnP option pit trader); Matlock Trading (market maker, system sold to GS in 99); Ronin Capital(prop, affiliation to exchange)

Ikos London based HF shop. they are not even hedge fund<what’s the point to be a fund?? dilute return??>

Allston Trading: interesting JD and requiremet

Chopper Trading, Chicago based, said nothing

Trade Link, very old.  option focused. TransMarket, again exchanged based, early arber.

World Quant, igor Tulchinsky, Upenn/Millennium stat arb.

Capstone, (organizer+ ex-pit trader+ finanical engineer+???)


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