Geek is the new puppet Master?

March 2, 2010

Matt Welsh->SEDA->Lime (messaging, concurrent system)

Harvard senor network Lab(robotBee, Mercury). There is really some interesting thoughts, hardware implementation of financial data processing application (analogue to Soundblast and GPU). and Tito Ingagiola point out this, apparently ICAP is using this. Tervala (switch technology, option MM case) is backed by GS, Sigma(database VC), Acartha(financial tech PE), Nothhill( financial tech VC).  Tervala using ( Arista switch technology(cisco, stanford cs guys), Celoxica( system design, UK based, former INSTINET, IB IT, HF Operation), Fix Flyer(process automation, courant math, nasa software engineer, IB op engineer), Portware (trading app design, former trader and IT), softModule(grid computing), Volante (sys integration).

on hardware side, it’s ASICs, FPGAs, network processors, GPU etc. etc.

even valuation and risk guys has interest in GPU, for monte carlos?

this two webinar about algo trading and infrastructure.

Yahoo Pipes, graphic programming. this is an awesome application!

one stock trading agent idea came out from Peter Stone(autonomous bidding agent, RL, robotCup).

Exchange simulator JessX


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